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The NGO “Keyik Okara” is part of the ” Central Asian Network on Statelessness»

The NGO “Keyik Okara” is part of the ” Central Asian Network on Statelessness»

The NGO “Keyik Okara” is part of the “Central Asian Network on Statelessness”

The Central Asian Network on Statelessness (hereinafter referred to as the Network) was established to provide practical assistance in the process of reducing cases of statelessness in the countries of the region, including through interregional cooperation and providing practical legal, expert, advisory and other assistance in promoting individual cases of stateless persons in the process of their legalization and naturalization.

Areas of activity of the Network:

Organization of a direct and effective dialogue for the exchange of information and experience in the field of preventing and reducing statelessness, as well as the development of the institution of citizenship in the region;
Monitoring and analyzing the situation of statelessness in the Central Asian region, developing recommendations, strategies and joint actions to reduce the incidence of statelessness and eliminate its causes in the future;
Involvement of representatives of the authorities of the countries of the region, non-governmental organizations, mass media, business, scientific and educational circles and other interested groups in the discussion on updating the problems of statelessness, attracting support and joining efforts to solve the problems of statelessness;
Organizing awareness-raising, education and research campaigns to reduce statelessness in the region;
Enhancing the capacity of Network participants and others to eliminate statelessness;
Develop cooperation with other networks and organizations with similar goals.


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