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«Кейик Окара»

Молодежный центр Общественной Организации «Кейик Окара»



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Youth Center of The Public Organization “Keyik Okara»

Youth Center of The Public Organization “Keyik Okara»

The Youth Center conducts webinars on Healthy Lifestyle. Join and participate in webinars on the platform please send your applications to our email address:

The Youth Center of the Public Organization "Keyik Okara"
announces a competition for the best media product covering a
healthy lifestyle.

"Healthy lifestyle - the choice of young people»

If you are from 14 to 30 years old, you want to involve your peers in the preservation and promotion of health, develop creativity and media creation, hurry up to take part in the competition and get a prize!

Step 1. How to create: use the tools available for multimedia or design, for example, platforms: Canva, Padlet,,

Step 2. Send your work with your last name, first name and contact details to the following email address:, until September 10, 2020.

Step 3. 00 "Keyik Okara" will post your creativity in social networks for online voting

Step 4. Get a prize

Additional information by phone: +993 61 78 46 43, +993 65 82 52 49


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